Computash is a small business that  is helping thousands of people to have, a well designed professional websites, logos and boosting their companies through advertisement by means of animation, video commercials, company video advertisement and so many more.

Designing professional websites that can reflect your company’s specific needs and personality.

Designing logos that can create a powerful symbolic association that can connect people’s memory every time they hear about your business.

Creating Commercials/Animation advertisement that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight, to a specific product or service.

In our creation of animation advertisement we make sure that we give a special feeling of reality and aliveness. Helping you to explain your product or service in a manner that is very interesting and unique, thus at the end of the day will be a huge benefit to your business increasing your sales and making a huge profit out of it.

At Computash we are very dedicated to assist you personally throughout the entire process from start to finish. We value your business, no matter how small your project or budget.

Our company “slogan”  is also known as  “The House of Unlimited Creativeness” because we do this by providing various innovative and creative ideas that turns into objective tangible products that excite our clients and provide excellent effective and efficient service nationally and internationally.

 Our Vision

To make Computash an internationally recognised brand that renders service to all in the field of undying need for creativeness and innovation and an efficient and reliable service providers for our diverse clients. We see the innovative house as the ideal for sustainable empowerment of people and job creation.

Our Mission

Through innovation and creativeness, Computash is a company that provides excellent services and innovative ideas that excite our clients. We are guided by principles of lifelong innovation and creativeness, quality and magnificent service and the value of our client’s satisfaction. Our efforts contributes to the knowledge and information society, create opportunity and sustainable and unlimited creativeness.